I’m Lenny Benologa and I currently reside in Vancouver, Washington.

I was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the states with my family, a little after my 3rd birthday. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and lived in Vancouver, Washington until my final years of high school. I worked a regular retail job for Nordstrom until I was 23, when I decided to enlist into the United States Marine Corps; During which, I served from 2006-2010 aboard Camp Kinser in Okinawa and  MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, in California.

I have a lot of goals for myself these days and expect to reach them all, in a matter of time. I’m currently enrolled in college and plan on majoring in International Studies with a possible minor in Japanese. After that, I would like to secure a career in a job that allows me the opportunity to travel abroad. I have a desire to accomplish a lot of things within my lifetime and one of those things is to live in Japan (again), while possibly teach English in Japan through the JET Program. I am still passionate about working for the US government after possibly obtaining a Master’s Degree, but I believe that I should take things one step at a time for now.

The primary reason behind why I’ve created this account, is to help me keep track of the goals I want to, will and/or have accomplished. Not-to-mention I would also prefer an outlet of-sorts, where I can vent to my heart’s content. ;] Feel free to leave a comment or two on my Blog pages, as the need arises – and I will undoubtedly respond at my earliest convenience. Thank you for stopping by.

Email: lenny[dot]benologa[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: lbenologa
DeviantArt: lbenologa
Blog: Lenny Benologa vs The Universe


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